Matched Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings Arranged Face-To-Face

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single row tapered roller bearings are designed to accommodate combined loads, i.e. simultaneously acting radial and axial loads. The projection lines of the raceways meet at a common point on the bearing axis to provide a true rolling action and therefore low frictional moments during operation.The correct amount of radial and axial clearance is obtained by adjusting the two bearings against each other. Besides, double row and four row taper roller bearings are also widely used for heavy loads such as rolling mills. A single row taper roller bearing can be located endwise in one direction only.


Single Row The standard Cage for American Tapered Roller Bearings is a “pin-type” design that has proven to be very successful in applications that experience very high loads and high speeds.Tapered roller bearings. Single row tapered roller bearings. Product tables + Tapered roller bearings, single row; Designs and variants. Bearing data. Loads. Calculating the axial load for bearings mounted singly or paired in tandem. Temperature limits. Permissible speed. Design considerations.