Metric Locknut

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These metric locknuts have an irregularly shaped thread at the top of the nut that grips the bolt for a stronger hold than nylon-insert locknuts.Nylon lock Nut is hexagonal Nut used with Nylon lock Nut is hexagonal Nut used with bolts and washers of the same material finish and grade. The nylon ring creates rotational resistance when displaced by a mating male threaded fastener thus preventing loosening.Metric Lock Nuts. Use a locknut over or in place of a regular nut to resist loosening due to machine vibration or torque. There are two main types of lock nut. A nylon insert nut has a slightly smaller thread than the bolt to provide added grip.


The metric locknuts are precision manufactured on cold and hot forming equipment to ensure a uniform bearing area and chamfered top and to provide consistent prevailing-torque results. Applications: High volume assembly locknut. 



Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
timken HM31/1060 Metric Locknut No Single Row Punching No
timken HM30/1000 Metric Locknut Bearings with Housin Double T-Shaped 8 Days
timken HM30/1060 Metric Locknut MSE612BRHRSS Round Flange 305066 lbf 23.5 in
timken HM31/1000 Metric Locknut Flange Type 6 8 7 Days
timken HM31/900 Metric Locknut 013992075109 4.5 in 9.0 in 2.25 in
timken HM31/950 Metric Locknut 6 Deep Groove Ball Bea Double No
timken HM30/950 Metric Locknut No No Bearing Steel 65
timken HM30/900 Metric Locknut 013992027344 0.9 in 16.8 in 1.0 in
timken HM31/850 Metric Locknut 7 Days Bearings with Housin 20 50
timken HM30/800 Metric Locknut 8 [Steel] Steel 7 Days Bearings with Housin
timken HM30/850 Metric Locknut 5.2500 in 119000 lbf 11.1 in EE822101D
timken HM31/800 Metric Locknut Available Bearings with Housin Yes (with retaining 605